Yolanda Garretti

Yolanda Garretti began her career in culinary arts as a food correspondent for Vogue Spain. This experience sparked her life-long passion for food and inspired her to study cuisine from a different angle … the kitchen. She enrolled in the Cordon Bleu Culinary Institute in Milan, where she completed her study in Traditional European Cuisine. After graduating, she started a small but exclusive catering business from her Sutton Place townhouse. Soon her creations and sophisticated décor made her known citywide, and she quickly began to outgrow her kitchen. Yolanda opened a small café on Madison Avenue which became the ideal vehicle for her to expand her client base and grow her business. But New York’s social and corporate elite beckoned Yolanda to focus her talents to serve their in-home and large scale catering needs, and she founded Acquolina.


“Acquolina is an Italian expression that can be loosely translated as mouthwatering. It is the sensation that one gets when they see or smell fabulous food. A great meal should trigger all the senses.”


Adam Sikora

Adam Sikora, a natural entrepreneur, developed and led an international import/export company soon after his graduation from business school. His international experiences, combined with his management skills and natural love for food ultimately called him to the catering business. Fortuitously, he was introduced to Yolanda by mutual friends who suggested that they join forces as business partners. Adam then set out to learn every aspect of the catering business while working with Yolanda at her Madison Avenue café. This hands-on experience helped to make Adam a caterer with a unique perspective and style. A natural planner and organizer, Adam’s attention to detail, customer focus and creative vision permeate every aspect of the elaborate affairs he organizes.


“I believe there is not a more fulfilling job than finding that special touch and making people happy. When you help create a special culinary experience for your clients and their guests, it is almost a magical feeling.”


How we give back.

Acquolina Catering recognizes that the choices we make today have an impact tomorrow. That’s why we always strive to make sustainable decisions, whether it’s the purveyors we work with or what we do with kitchen waste. We may love orange, but we also love green!

We have partnered with Rescuing Leftover Cuisine to donate leftover food to homeless shelters throughout New York City. Catering can be a high waste business and we want to do our part to minimize our impact and feed the hungry.

Acquolina Catering also has working kitchen internship programs with Institute for Culinary Education, International Culinary Center, and Monroe College.

Organizations we support